Jen Mahon is a singer and songwriter born and raised in Barbados and based in Toronto. Her songs have been featured in non-profit documentaries such as “Bicycle City” and “Ball of Light” and her voice has been featured in video campaigns for the City of Buenos Aires, Reese’s, Minute Maid, and Lay’s.

Since her first signed collaboration in 2014 (Enhanced Music/Sony Music), Jenny has worked with artists such as Ayokay, Omar LinX, Zed’s Dead, Alaskan Tapes, and more. Her 2016 collaboration with Danish producer Tikanter was featured on Spotify’s official “Women of Fresh Finds” playlist and named one of Popsugar’s “Sexiest Songs of 2016.” As of 2018, Mahon has received more than 3 million Spotify streams for songs on which she has co-written and/or performed.